Kelly Anne Burns

"Kelly Anne Burns offers a chilly, seductive opacity as the title character in the passenger seat with a feminine if coolly robotic voice."

-Andrew Webster, New York Times Critic's Pick

"The other main reason to see 'The Navigator' is the performance by Kelly Anne Burns as the GPS device. It is a precise and hilarious performance."

-Jonathan Mandell, BackStage Critic's Pick

"Perhaps most impressive of all, is Kelly Anne Burns, who plays the title character. Burns gets the eerie AI-style voice exactly right, but its her physicality, hypper-limited and hyper-detailed, that really turns this inanimate object into a worthy co-star for our hero Dave. The tiniest movements of her eyes, her neck, and her face resonate eloquently, and often hilariously."

-Martin Denton, Indie Theater Now

"This show was a complete delight with a talented group of actors making their mark, especially the dead on Kelly Anne Burns who was our perfect guide into the unnatural world of technology."

-Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicles

"The biggest credit goes to the actress who portrays the title character - The Navigator herself. Crisply written by Antar, Kelly Anne Burns brings a wry note of humanity to an ostensibly mechanical object while still maintaining an overall sleek, steely automated exterior. Franchini and Burns play well off each other; together they create a truly believable scenario of man and machine. During silent moments Burns is both inanimate and yet constantly engaged; robotic twitches in her eyes would have you swearing that she's actually hooked up somewhere and transmitting data. She is at once subtle and magnetic; the perfect actress to embody such an eerily engaging device."

-Karen Tortora-Lee, Happiest Medium

"The Navigator benefits from its strong cast, especially Burns in the title role, who steals the show with her impassive expression and her perfect vocal impersonation of a computerized GPS system. Whether dialing phone numbers with a tic of her head, mechanically repeating her prognostications, stoically listening to Dave's deepest pains and anxieties, or usefully serving as a cup holder, Burns's Navigator never becomes humanized or mystical."

-Shari Perkins, Theater Online

Kelly Anne Burns

Kelly Anne Burns in "Higher Parody" -- Over TWO MILLION hits on You Tube and Number 1 You Tube comedy video the month it was released!

"Heidi Montag, made famous by her appearance on MTV's The Hills, has attempted to 'break boundaries' with her new single 'Higher' and an accompanying music video, but all it seems to have done is break a number of eardrums. On the bright side, it has given the public the opportunity to put their own creativity to use. A couple of user-made videos parodying Heidi Montag's visual representation of 'Higher' have popped up on the web, and we've posted some of them right here on BuddyTV.

Here's one that features a comedienne named Kelly Anne Burns. This is highly entertaining not only because Burns is better-looking than Montag, but also because she nailed the reality star's cheesy poses and out-of-place body-touching. Plus, the "running man" dance move never fails to amuse, and Burns pulls it off quite nicely."

-Lisa Claustro, Buddy TV

"In case you missed it, Heidi Montag (of MTV's The Hills fame) debuted the hot ass mess of a video for her new single "Higher" on the Internet last week. It's so terrible, that after only a week, parodies have already been made. Check out this one from comedian Kelly Anne Burns. Its absolutely hillarious, she has everything down packed. . .including the creepy giant hands. But you know, it's actually better than the original."

-Josh Cox, You know your music video sucks - when the parody is actually better!

"When I'm blue or lonely (usually after watching The Hills) I'll just think of Heidi, with her old Britney abs, rolling around on a beach or sprawled out on the floor, praying for me. After the jump, one of the better parodies of Montag's 'Higher' video."

-Richard Lawson, Gawker